Use these simple and easy vacation plumbing tips to prepare your plumbing before you leave!

Don’t turn off your heat

It may be tempting to shut off your heat off in order to save some money but shutting off your heat can cause your pipes to freeze and burst. The water damage caused by this will surely be greater than even your highest heating bill! Keeping your thermostat at a minimum of 55 degrees Fahrenheit can help to significantly reduce the chances of pipes freezing and bursting.

Take a good look at your washing machine hoses

On average, the life expectancy for washing machine hoses is roughly 3 years. Over time they can develop cracks and major calcium build up, so it’s important to look for signs of this before you leave for an extended period of time. Find any issues? Don’t risk putting it off until you get back. Call us right away!

Remember your water heater

Keep an eye out for any signs of leaks near and around your water heater. If you find any dampness or water on the floor, this could mean your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced. Don’t ignore the problem! Give us a call instead. Put your water heater in vacation mode or turn it off to save energy and to minimize the damage in case the pipes leading to and from it burst. If this happens, the heating element in your water heater can easily burn out without water.

Turn off your main water valve

Shutting off your main water valve is especially important if you’re going to be away for an extended period of time. This helps to prevent flooding by stopping the flow of water in your home’s pipes, where it may freeze and burst. You can help to drain the residual water left in the pipes once the valve is shut off by opening your hot and cold water faucets. If you have a boiler system, skip this step! Your boiler needs water in order to heat your home.

Keep drain odors at bay

Doesn’t the thought of coming home to stinky drains gross you out? Prevent drain odors by giving your drains a good cleaning before you go, or better yet, call us for professional drain cleaning! Food residue stuck in kitchen sink drains and garbage disposals will only get worse while you’re gone! Likewise, bathroom drains will only get stinkier too. A good flush of hot water, vinegar, and baking soda should do the trick or even a little bleach.

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